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“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark… you can never be ready, but you can be prepared! 
We help our clients prepare for business. And evidently, we are building a brand for ourselves by building that of our clients”



Basic Hosting Plan

1 Website; SSD 2GB; Bandwidth 4GB; Maximum FTP Accounts 5; Maximum Email Account 3;

Corporate Hosting plan

Unlimited Website; SSD 10GB; Bandwidth Unlimited; Maximum FTP Accounts & Email Account Unlimited;

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Free Auto SSL (https://)

SSL certificates are required and important for today's websites, especially for business who wish to add a payment option to their web pages. GIGonnet provides free and automatic SSL set up for all websites on our platform; and this is to help create a safer Internet! Through our partnership with Let's Encrypt, all domains and subdomains at NameHero have SSL certificates installed automatically. This feature is available on all of our the 2 Web Hosting packages as soon as the DNS for a website has been setup.

99.9% Uptime

We know how bad downtime sucks! Downtime costs you and your customers money. We know this and have built our cloud to sustain 99.9% uptime. By leveraging software such as Cloudlinux, we're able to eventually distribute resources to your website, creating an extremely reliable network. You'll quickly find comfort in the reliability and redundancy we're able to offer. We believe you shouldn't have to pay a premium to have a reliable web hosting package. All websites should be able to stay online 24x7x365!

Blazing Fast Hosting

100% True SSD Cloud Hosting Most web hosting companies sell Web Hosting packages on cheap, old-school dedicated servers to leverage the ROI. Our packages are specifically geared at reducing down-times; meaning you can take advantage of 99.9% uptime and a secure infrastructure that's instantly scalable. Most customers see an up to ten time faster load time by simply migrating their website over to GIGonnet. This leads to better SEO rankings and a much better visitor experience.

Free Website Migrations

We making moving web hosts easy If you're using another web hosting provider, we want to make the move as easy as possible! We offer free cPanel to cPanel migrations within the first 30 days of your account. As long as your current host is using cPanel (most are), provide us with the login and we'll get all your files, databases, and emails moved over. If you need us to do a manual migration (no cPanel) our sales team will be more than happy to work with you to figure out a very affordable solution.